Melbourne trio want to cast you in a new Australian adult animated comedy series
Schooled! PR Shot (Low-res)

A group of Melbourne advertising creatives are set to shine a spotlight on Australian University campus culture in a new adult animated comedy series called ‘Schooled!’.

‘Schooled!’ is “the Aussie love child of ‘The Inbetweeners’ and ‘Bojack Horseman’” says creator Ryan Clayton.  

Clayton is working with writers Jess Wheeler and Tim O’Shea along with a crew of amazing local talent to create a 7 minute pilot featuring Ray Clarkson; a socially challenged 1st year student with the best academic intentions.

The pilot is all about Ray’s arrival at F.U.C.T. (Fairwater University Centre of Technology) where he discovers a goon fuelled orgy taking place in his vacant dorm room “and it pretty much goes downhill from there” the boys explain.

Clayton bemoans the distinct lack of Australian adult animated TV series, “particularly considering our reputation as a country full of larrikins, smart-arses, and all round shitheads.”  The trio reckon Aussies are ‘thirsty’ for their own animated series and they’re ready to deliver.

These smart-asses need some cash though. So, they’re offering crowdfunding supporters the chance to voice a character or even have a character who looks suspiciously like them included in the pilot. That’ll cost upwards of $250 but hey – you’ll be famous! And if you want in without spending your textbook money – you can get a digital degree from F.U.C.T. for just $10.

“Anyone who's lived on campus tends to agree it shapes up to be the best worst time of your life. I loved it, but it was horrendous”, says Clayton, a former ‘Ressies’ student at the University of Canberra. “You're supposed to be learning, but most of your time is spent killing brain cells”.

You can check out all the offers and watch the pitch video on the crowdfunding page and stay updated with the shows progress on Facebook.

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