Fairwater University
Centre of Technology


F.U.C.T. is considered a blight on the Australian tertiary education landscape after it was fraudulently recognised as a University in 1970. A corrupt politician discovered a lucrative education reform loophole, merging a tax-dodging vocational college and a run-down youth detention centre. The minimum security cells of the lock up were seemingly perfect as a college residence, and were renamed Bonner House. Bonner House (or ‘Boner House’) is the worst maintained and worst behaved of 5 subpar student residences on campus at F.U.C.T.

As it barely stands today, Bonner House has hardly evolved from its days as a detention centre. Which explains why Mildred and Bill seem to possess an unwarranted and ineffectual air of authority over the inmates... ahem, sorry... residents. The sub-standard living conditions, combined with the Uni’s poor academic credentials create a perfect storm for debauchery.